Pearl Lipid Gold

Produced by patented chemical free and cold first-cut process, PEARL LIPID GOLD Functional Rumen Protected bypass fat able to preserved wholesome essential of phytonutrients & vitamins from the fats. PEARL LIPID GOLD therefore, able to provide additional energy and additional nutrition for ruminants. In results, providing better solutions to farmers, healthier animals, and generates better productivity.

✓ Important natural source of energy
✓ Contain beta carotene & natural Vitamin E
✓ high amount of MCT (medium-chain triglycerides)
✓ other important phytonutrition

Recommended Dosage:
• Lactating Dairy Cattle – 400g
• Dry Cow – 100 – 150g
• Beef Cattle – 150 – 450g
• Sheep & Goat – 50 – 100g

Product Specification:











Packing: 25 kg/bag


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