Cinergy is a carefully balanced blend of nature identical Essential Oil Compounds (EOC) with selected solvent. It increases palatability of the feed and stimulate nutrient digestion through excretion of endogenous enzymes, regulation of intestinal microflora and its antimicrobial activity, also helps in reducing (sub)clinical infections.


Features and Benefit:

  • Preweaning: Decrease preweaning mortality by up to 60%.
  • Post weaning: +6% ADFI and +11% ADG.
  • Lactation: up to +10% sow feed intake, improve average weaning weight up to 0.35 kg and ensure a smoother weaning transition.
  • Reduce lactating sow weight loss by up to 5 kg, thus shortening the weaning to estrus interval.
  • Improve sow health status by reducing urinary problems by up to 50%.

Composition: Synthetic essential oil compounds (EOC)

Withdrawal period: None

Storage condition: Store in dry, cool and well ventilated area, avoid hot and humid environment.

Packing: 5 kg, 10 kg, 25 kg

Dosage and Usage Instructions:

Swine only

Piglets: 250 g / MT feed

Sows: 200 g / MT feed

Grower / Finisher: 175 g / MT feed

Stability: Stable in premix and pelleting temperature, compatible with other feed additives.


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