Geriforte Vet Powder

Geriforte Vet Powder is a polyingredient herb-based formulation by Himalaya Drug Company. It acts as anti-stress, immunomodulator and antioxidant in poultry with proven efficacy and safety. Not only alleviating stress, it helps to maintain glucose homeostasis, to conserve and utilise the energy of vital organs.


Features and benefits:

  • Overcome damages due to stress
  • Adapt to adverse weather, peak production and vaccination
  • Improve feed intake
  • Improve overall performance and immunity
  • Reduce early chick mortality
  • Increase body resistance against infections by immunomodulation


Composition: Powder of multiple herbs

Withdrawal: None.

Storage condition: Store in cool and dry area, avoid direct sunlight.

Packing: 10 kg


Chicks / Growers / Layers – 250 g / ton feed

Broilers / Breeders – 500 g / ton feed.


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