Him-Methio is a natural alternative to methionine, which is quickly absorbed in the body from the intestinal mucosa. Him-Methio is rich in the L-isomer of methionine that ensures its high bioavailability (the degree to which the substance is absorbed in the body). It also improves the feed conversion ratio (a measure of an animal’s efficiency in converting food mass to body mass) and weight gain.


  • Manufactured from natural sources of food
  • High Bioavailability with natural L – isomeric form
  • Reabsorbed from Kidney – hence high assimilation
  • Releases least NH4 and CO2 into the environment.


  • Him-Methio is wholly derived from natural sources
  • Actives are granulated- retains potency
  • Activity is comparable with any source of DLM
  • No residues of toxic chemicals

Table 1: Study of Him-Methio replacing DL-Methionine in broiler performance.






Table 2: Study of Him-Methio in breeder performance.









Equal replacement of DL-Met at existing level in formulation.

Packaging : 10kg



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