Prokel SE1000

Selenium is a micronutrient that acts as
an essential component in the enzymes
involved in antioxidant protection. Its
main function is to be an antioxidant in
the enzyme glutathione peroxidase.
Selenium as antioxidant is 100 times more
powerful than Vitamin E. The glutathione
peroxidase enzyme has a significant role
in the prevention of oxidative damages in
cell membranes.
Additionally, it has been shown that
selenium plays an essential role in the
absorption of Vitamin E (D. Ashmead,
1989) and improves its retention in plasma.


Functions and benefits
Prokel Se are of easy absorption and passes a higher grade of
bioavailability and retention in the animal’s diegestive system than
in those in inorganic form.

Healthy and strong organisms with Prokel Se.
1. A natural antioxidant for cell membranes
2. Improves immune response of the defensive system.
3. Improves spermatic and ovum quality.

Highly productive animals with Prokel Se.
1. Improves productivity parameters by strengthening its
immune system.
2. Improves reproduction in males and females.
3. Due to its organic structre, it is deposited in different tissues
and can be used as a reserve in cases of stress.

Prokel Se avoids antagonism with other minerals and component of their diet.
1. There is no competition for absorption points.
2. They are resistant to degradation due to pH changes.
3. Its structure is stable therefore they preserve their chelated structure.

Organic Selenium 1%

10 kg

Poultry 300 gm
Swine 300 gm
Dairy cattle 800 gm
Beef cattle 300 gm
Equine 500 gm
Canine 250 gm
Feline 150 gm
Aquaculture 300 gm