Vitanox 50

Highly productive animals require a balanced nutritional diet to stay healthy and perform maximally. Carefully selected plant-based polyphenols in Vitanox 50 contribute to optimal technical and financial results by supporting animals in maintaining the balance between oxidation and antioxidant capacity. Partial replacement of vitamin E by Vitanox 50 not only offers a cost-efficient alternative, synergistic effects also positively affect animal health and productivity.

Composition: Plant-based polyphenol compounds


  • Elimination of oxidative stress
  • Protection of epithelial tight junctions
  • Improved health and performance
  • Optimized feed costs (partial vitamin E replacement)
  • Allowed in organic feed

Withdrawal period: None


Partial replacementof vitaminE (1g Vitanox 50 ~ 500 IU Vitamin E equivalents). Up to 50% Vitamin E replacement in feed or as a top up directly.

Packing: 25 kg



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