Micro-Aid is an all-natural extract from the
Yucca Schidigera plant which composed
of both saponin and steroidal sapogenin
molecules. Saponins have natural
detergent or surfactant properties that
provide a protective coating over cells and
intestinal microflora in the mucosal lining
of the G.I Tract. They contain both watersoluble
and fat-soluble components,
steroidal sapogenin molecules that are
highly antiprotozoal.


Functions and benefits
• Beneficial bacteria populations are enhanced creating an
environment less favorable to pathogens.
• Healthy gastrointestinal tract, allows for a healthier immune
• Micro-Aid reduces intestinal ammonia by facilitating increased
nitrogen utilization.
• Reduces aerial ammonia up to 40%, further improves BOD level
in sewage environment.
• Broilers and fattening pigs: improved average daily weight gain
and better feed conversion
• Sows: increase oxygen transfer during farrow-reduce stillbirth,
pre-weaning mortality

Benefits of  Miro-Aid in Broilers
DWG improvement 2.2% to 2.4%
FCR improvement 1.7% to 2.3%

Concentrated saponin extract  47%

25 kg