Proviox 50

Proviox 50 is natural antioxidant and anti-stress for animals comprising of a unique formulation of plant polyphenols that covers a broad range of application: Vitamin E replacer, enhance animal performance, trans-generational effect to the offspring and optimize animal protein products quality. It is supported by extensive research and validated in farm conditions with trials done in multi-species including poultry (broiler, layer, breeders), swine (sow and piglets), aquaculture (fish and shrimp) and ruminants (dairy cattle) showing positive results.

Composition: Plant-based polyphenol compounds

Features and Benefit:

  1. Partial Vitamin E replacement up to 50% depending on total vitamin E content in the feed, help in cost-saving without jeopardizing animal performance
  2. Support animal performance under stress, can be used in different stages and condition
  3. Improve reproductive and offspring performance, avoid negative effects of excessive vitamin E dosage
  4. Improve meat, egg and milk quality (lower drip loss, lower T-bars value)

Withdrawal period: None

Dosage: 25-50% Vitamin E replacement in feed or as a top up directly.

Packing: 25 kg



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