KemTRACE™ Chromium

KemTRACE™ Chromium is a safe and highly bioavailable source of organic chromium for broiler diets.  KemTRACE™ Chromium, fed to millions of cattle and swine in the U.S. and around the world since its introduction in 2000, is currently registered in more than 30 countries.


  • The newest organic trace mineral approved for broiler diets in more than 40 years
  • Highly bioavailable sources of organic chromium
  • Available in three product concentrations:
    • 04% – for use in complete diets
    • 4% and 4% – for use in a premix prior to inclusion in complete diets


  • Chromium has the ability to reduce corticosterone poultry
  • The reduction in corticosterone during times of stress may decrease the negative impacts from stress events
  • Effective dissociation from the mineral at the most crucial locations for maximum nutritional value
  • Efficient and easy to incorporate with premixes and other feed ingredients


  • 04% concentration – 500 grams/ton of feed
  • 4% concentration – 50 grams/ton of feed
  • 4% concentration – 5 grams/ton of feed


Packaging size: 25kg


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