Vetolein is a palm oil product enriched with lecithin for better emulsifying effect to improve nutrient utilisation and production. This product contains high Vitamin E and beta carotene to enhance animal performance.



Fat >99%

Free Fatty Acids <5%

Phospholipids 2%

Beta carotene >550 ppm

Vitamin E >600 ppm

Energy value:


<30 kg body weight 8500 kcal

>30 kg body weight 8900 kcal


<21 day old 8200 kcal

>21 day old 8700 kcal

Features and benefits:

High in Vitamin E which acts as natural antioxidants.

Improve immune responses.

Increase shelf-life of animal product.

Preserved with high level of beta carotene, a main source of vitamin A.

Essential for growth and development, immune system function and healthier skin.

Low free fatty acids content.

Reduce incidence of rancidity to ensure freshness of feed products.

Packing: IBC or tanker delivery.


Sows and growing / fattening pigs – Include 1 – 4% per ton feed.

Broilers – Include 2 – 3% per ton feed.

Layers – Include 0.5 – 2% per ton feed.


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