Aviprime Mineral Premix

Aviprime Mineral Premix consists of trace minerals in inorganic or organic form used as diet supplementation in poultry to prevent deficiency symptoms. Minerals are needed for growth, bone development, feathering, enzyme structure and function and supporting the immune system. There are different specifications available for birds of different production purposes (broiler, layer, breeder) and different inclusion rates for different stages, providing birds with the most cost-efficient level of inclusion without jeopardising their requirements for growth and production.


Composition: Contains mixture of multimineral such as Manganese, Zinc, Iron, Copper, Iodine, Selenium, and Cobalt required for animal feed production.

Indications: To be used as animal feed supplement.

Withdrawal period: None

Storage condition: Store in dry and well-ventilated area

Packing: 1 – 25 kg

Dosage: Varies according to product and production stages, adjusted based on farm condition.

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