InhiSalm™ – P

InhiSalmTM P is an anti-bacterial product
specifically formulated to disinfect feed
mill equipment and storage areas and
control pathogenic bacteria in feed.
The water present in the air and grain
moisture frees carboxylic acids from
InhiSalmTM through a hydrolysis reaction.
This reaction occurs in different phases
offering a short and long term control.
Free propionic, formic and acetic acid
have a shock effect in the control of


Formic acid 40.8 %
Lactic acid 8.5 %
Amonium dipropionate 8.0 %
Carrier q.s 100 %

25 kg

Application Rates
(after applications closes the area and wait 3 hours)
Raw material / Feed : 1 – 3 kg per ton
Warehouses : 1 kg per 50 m2 of surface

-Wear personal protective equipment (Respirator, coverall,protective eyewear and glove) when applying the product.
-Store the product tightly close in its original packaging in a dry and cool place, away from sunlight.
-Sensitive individuals may present skin irritation.
-Keep out of reach of children.