Inhimold™ L50 (CF) Nanosys

InhimoldTM L50 (CF) is a liquid mold and
spore inhibitor for grains used in the feed
industry. It also can controls pathogenic
bacteria present in grains and feed.
InhimoldTM L50 (CF) acts by direct
contact with fungi, bacteria, and spores
and blocking its metabolism and normal
development. The release of monomeric
propionic acid in different phases permits
prolonged effect. The fractions of free
propionic acid and ammonia act as acid
release fumigant. Its action is rapid and
has a prolonged effect.


Functions and benefits
1. InhimoldTM L50 (CF) has an exclusive formula based on organic
acids that provide optimal control against molds, yeast, salmonella
and E. coli
2. Better buffer capacity than traditional salts (sodium propionate)
3. Offers mold inhibition control in the short, medium and long terms
4. Easy to use
5. Low volatility
6. Broad spectrum activity due to its specific combination of acids
7. Dissociation in presence of feed or raw material moisture
8. Lower inhibitor concentration is required

Propionic acid 25 %
Ammonium dipropionate 4 %
Sodium dipropionate 2 %
Ammonium diformate 1.5 %
Calcium diformate 1 %
Sodium diacetate 1 %
Formic acid 8.5 %
Ammonium diacetate 1.5 %
Propylene glycol 3 %

200 L / 1000 L