Purlite is a mixture of vegetable and mineral raw materials with fixing and absorbent characteristics and deodorant substances. It is perfectly suitable for the hygiene management of farm animals due to its powerful drying and bacteriostatic functionalities.

Typical Analysis: Moisture <3%, Ashes 60.0%, Calcium 16.5%


Features and Benefits:


  • Strengthens vitality of piglets at birth
  • Neutralises litter humidity by powerful drying effects
  • Fixes and decreases ammonia release
  • Improves environment by eliminating bad odour
  • Powerful antiseptic and bacteriostatic effect
  • Does not irritate piglets’ skin
  • Fully express sow genetic potential


  • Reduces humidity and prevents wet litter syndrome
  • Reduces ammonia emissions and microbial growth
  • Prevent breast blister, foot pad lesions and pulmonary injuries
  • Does not irritate animal’s skin
  • Improve welfare and performances

Storage condition: Store in cool and dry area

Packing: 25 kg



100 g (grated floor)

200 g (straw bedding) / adult animal / week.


Apply Purlite on whole body of piglet after birth


300 g/m2 before new litter

In humid areas, 300 g/m2 once or twice / week.

Sheep, Goats

30g/m2 in straw bedding

200 g/m2 in very humid litter


30 g/m2 or 200 g/animal, 3 times / week.

In humid area, 100 g/m2 per day.


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