Aromabiotic is an activated medium chain fatty acid (MCFA) that is highly antibacterial through several mode of action:

  • Degradation of bacterial cell membrane
  • Dissociation inside the bacterial cell
  • Blocking DNA replication
  • Reduce virulence of escaping pathogens.

It can also increase overall immunity and improve digestive performance of animals by improving villi structure and increasing absorption capacity. Aromabiotic improves feed efficiency, FCR, and functions as AGP replacer, also acts synergistically with other feed additives.


Composition: 50% mixture of activated medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) C6-12

Withdrawal period: None

Storage condition: Store in dry and well-ventilated area below 40°C.

Packing: 25 kg

Dosage and Usage Instructions:


Sow 1.0 kg / MT feed

Weaning 2.0 kg / MT feed

Pre-starter 1.0 – 1.5 kg / MT feed

Grower-Finisher 0.5 kg / MT feed.

Dosages can be adjusted according to technical performances.

Stability: Highly stable in presence of other feed additives and excellent microbiological stability, proven stable at expanding and extruding process.


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