Nutrilac® is a dairy based acidified milk
replacer that can be used to replace
sow milk completely or it can be fed as
complement to sow milk and dry feed.
The product provides all essential
nutrients and energy piglets need to
reach the best performance. Piglets
drinking Nutrilac® have a much stronger
health status and the condition of the
sow is remarkably better.


10 kg

Dilution Rate
150 gm / litre water

If desired it is possible to concentrate
the milk by applying 300 gram powder
and 1 litre of water in order to teach the
piglets to drink Nutrilac®.

How to Prepare
Follow these 4 steps to have your Nutrilac ready for feeding.

1. Warm 2/3 of the total
amount of water required to
a temperature of 45oC.

2. Dilute 150 gram Nutrilac per
litre. Use a mixing device
and stir until the powder is
entirely dissolved.
3. Then add the remaining 1/3
of water, cold. The result will
be a lumb-free mixture.
4. The Nutrilac should be
supplied to the piglets
without delay after