Clopiden F

Coyden F contains clopidol
which is a pyridone-derivative
structurally related to the quinolones,
with antiprotozoal activity which
is directed against Eimeria spp.
in chicken. Clopidol leads to an
inhibition of the development of
sporozoites and trophozoites. Feed
containing Coyden F at the directed
level should be fed continuously as an
aid for the prevention and control of
caecal and intestinal coccidiosis and
for improvement in growth.


Meticlorpindol >98%
D.C.A.L < 25ppm


Withdrawal period
5 days


Storage Condition
Store in a cool and dry place not exceeding 25ºC.

25 kg

Dosage and Usage Instruct ions
Add 125 – 250g per ton feed.
It is suggested that Coyden F be premixed with some other feed
ingredient prior to final mixing. This should ensure thorough and
even distribution in the feed.

Extremely stable to the processes of animal feed manufacture and
in feeds during storage.

Coyden has no adverse effects on growing chickens and layer when
fed continuously up to 3 times of normal level.

Coyden has no effect on hatchability or fertility of laying chicken
when fed at recommended levels.

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