Efendazole 8%

Efendazole 8% is a broad spectrum
anthelmintic for the treatment of animals
infected with mature and immature forms
of nematodes of the gastro-intestinal
and respiratory tracts. The elimination
of Efendazole 8% active ingredientfenbendazole
and its metabolites occurs
primarily via the faeces and to small
extent in the urine.

Features and Bene fits
Broad spectrum effect and low resistance
Eliminate mature and immature forms of nematodes, including
during the stage of visceral migration.

  • Safe and convenient to use
    Can be used for few target species with high safety margin. No adverse
    effect when exceed treatment regime for few days.
  • Do not affect feed palatability
    Do not affect feed intake of animals during treatment period.
  • Compatibility
    Compatible with other feed additives, including antibiotics