Equi Balance

Equi Balance is a complementary
feed ingredient, 100 % extruded, rich
in Omega-3 and energy, for animals
diet. The product is manufactured
by Valorex using patented Tradi-Lin
technology, a patented extrusion
process to detoxify the flaxseed and
improve fat ustilizationof the flaxseed


Functions and benefits
• Activates cell functions, enzyme activities and hormone biosynthesis
• Stimulates growth of intestinal villi of piglets and young chicks
• Provides quick energy for maintaining physiological functions and
processing, particularly during the poor health condition
• Increases digestion and transportation of fats and oils, utilization of
proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals
• Improves growth rate and feed efficiency
• Stops multiplication of micro-organisms and kills microbes and virus
• Improves immune responses and strengthens resistance to stress and
diseases etc
• Reduces mortality of chicks and piglets, and improves uniformity of litters

Tradi-Lin® flax seed
Flax straw

25 kg

Shelf life
9 months

Include 2.5% – 5% per ton of feed